age 10+ players 2-5 playtime 60
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Box content

Nieuw Amsterdam
  • 12 action tiles
  • 5 turn order tokens
  • 5 longhouses
  • 6 lap tokens
  • 50 fur chits
  • 24 land cards
  • 24 ship cards
  • 5 warf cards
  • 60 money coins
  • 40 good crates
  • 30 wood timbers
  • 30 corn barrels
  • 125 buildings
  • 5 trading posts
  • 5 score markers
  • 1 gameboard

http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1064119/2-3-player-variant official 2 - 3 player variant





In Nieuw Amsterdam, players take on the roles of the patroons, earning points for the lands they settle, the buildings they contribute to the city of Nieuw Amsterdam, and the furs they ship back to the Old World. Players will engage in tense auctions for the ability to take City actions (building businesses and holding elections), Land actions (expanding the homesteads and clearing the land for farming) and Trade actions (dealing with the Lenape Indians for furs and shipping those furs back to Europe). In addition, players will need to take advantage of the special actions available in the different districts. After six rounds, one player will emerge victorious!

  • A big board game adventure!
  • Outdo your opponents during the bidding phase and the planning of your actions.
  • Beautiful design by Joshua Cappel (Endeavor, Norenberc, a.o.).
  • Box contains an enormous amount of playing pieces: value-for-money!


Nieuw Amsterdam

Others about Nieuw Amsterdam

“Deserves to be among the Top 10 Eurogames on BGG! Very clever Euro, that doesn't feel like any other game in my collection. “–Mik Svellov, Brett & Board


“Here we are dealing with the best game of the Fair 2012. The decisions are not easy, but every decision is important. And the auction mechanism is completely to my taste (Hier haben wir es mit dem besten Spiel der Messe 2012 zu tun. Die Entscheidungen sind nicht einfach, aber jede Entscheidung ist wichtig. Und der Bietmechanismus ist ganz nach meinem Geschmack).” – Manuel Uzelmaier, BoardgameGeek.com


“Sometime during the first game you’ll realize how important the auction is, and by the end of the game you’ll be totally captivated as the action tokens are laid out, and you’ll be scheming to figure out how to get the set you need (it’s much less straightforward than you’d think). For me, this auctioning system made the game a clear winner.

Nieuw Amsterdam is a solid, medium-heavy Euro that has enough twists and engagement for pretty much anyone. There’s a good chunk of theme here too, which helps to make it even more engaging. “–Ted Alspach, game designer, head of Bezier Games publishing and creator of the Board2Pieces comic strip.


“A very beautiful game with lots of very good components. The mechanics are clever, but the gameplay is cut-throat - which I like! “– Thomas Büttner, BoardgameGeek.com


“On the whole, I would compare the complexity and cohesion of the design to something like Puerto Rico (though they have little in common mechanically, I get a similar feel from both). Here, the auction mechanism is clearly the heart of the game, and I found it to be quite engaging.  For those who appreciate the more material aspects of a game’s design, I want to emphasize that the production quality of Nieuw Amsterdam is largely extraordinary. The board is beautifully illustrated and contains numerous helpful player aids worked seamlessly into the artwork. The cardboard tiles are thick and sturdy, the wooden bits are massive and attractively shaped, and it even comes with an entirely unnecessary cloth drawstring bag. Overall, White Goblin has done a terrific job with this title, and I hope it gets the wide recognition it deserves.”—Ben McJunkin, The Opinionated Gamers


“This game has a whole lot that I love. Innovative auctions, tightness resources/money, complicated painful decisions, very much a Martin Wallace-ish feel. Lost miserably first play, but I immediately wanted to play again.” –Bryan Thunkd, BoardgameGeek.com


“Just a great game. Gorgeous components too. The thematic integration is excellent, there was a great moment in our first game where it dawned on us why each time we bought new land, the natives moved further down river... And their numbers dwindle.” –Steve Duff, BoardgameGeek.com


“I quite enjoyed it and look forward to playing it again.  My favorite parts of the game are that you have to bid for the right to do different actions and the close interconnectivity of everything in the design. The theme is strong and the gameplay is multifaceted.  I think this is a title that both families and gamers can enjoy.” – Larry Levy, The Opinionated Gamers.


“We liked it very, very much. In the game, the history of the colonization of America has been broken down into very few mechanisms that work very well. Through the fur trade, land acquisition and influence in the city there are 3 sources of victory points that allow so many different strategies.  (Es hat mir sehr, sehr gut gefallen. In dem Spiel ist die Geschichte der Besiedelung Amerikas, auf ganze wenige Mechanismen herunter gebrochen worden, die sehr gut funktionieren. Es gibt durch Fellhandel, Landgewinnung und Einfluss in der Stadt im wesentlichen 3 Siegpunktquellen, die so viele verschiedene Strategien ermöglichen.)” - gimli043, Spielbox.de


“I must say, the game is a classic. The mechanisms are easily understandable and accessible. The resource cycles are nice and clear and on the board, practically EVERYTHING is summarized. The auction system for the actions, however, is furious. I like it! Apart from this, with its three main actions, the game offers three different ways to generate victory points. But you cannot win with only one path. One also has to have a second path to be effective. (Ich muss schon sagen, das Spiel ist Klasse. Die Mechanismen sind leicht begreifbar und eingängig. Die Ressourcen-Kreisläufe sind schön klar und auf dem Spielplan ist praktisch für ALLES eine Übersicht. Das Auktionssystem für die Aktionen ist allerdings bitterböse. Das gefällt!

Abgesehen davon bietet das Spiel mit den drei Hauptaktionen auch drei verschiedene Wege, um Siegpunkte zu generieren. Aber dabei gilt auch immer: Man kann nicht nur alleine mit einem Weg gewinnen. Da muss man auch einen zweiten Weg fahren, um effektiv zu sein).” – Tom, Unknowns.de



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