age 10+ players 2-5 playtime 45
Dutch French English German


Box content

Rattus Cartus
  • 84 population cards
  • 60 building cards
  • 51 special cards
  • 1 starting player card
  • 15 joker cards
  • 1 influence score board
  • 40 wooden discs
  • 50 rat tokens
  • 20 victory point tokens




Rattus Cartus Nobilis


1347 The Black Death ravages Europe. The ruler of your land has just succumbed to the plague, and now you, the princes of the land, compete against each other in a struggle to replace him. To do this you travel around the land to gather loyal supporters from among the various classes of the middle ages. Each day you visit a different town, each containing different kinds of buildings and each providing different kinds of benefits. When entering a building belonging to a given class, you recruit followers from that class. Once in a while, you also take a chance on recruiting some of the strangers lurking in the streets. There are a few rats in those streets too, but a rat or two won’t kill you, right?

  • The card game based on the highly successful board game Rattus!
  • Are you going to play safe, or are you willing to run the risk of perishing from the effects of the plague?
  • Contains 12 different buildings, which gives a lot of variety (you can use them all or you can e.g. use only half of them in a game).


Rattus Cartus Rattus Cartus Rattus Cartus Rattus Cartus Rattus Cartus

Others about Rattus Cartus

http://blog.metagames.co.uk/2013/05/31/review-rattus-cartus/ "Rattus Cartus is a fun, short, and sometimes brutal, eurogame but with more decisions packed in than you may think.  I look forwards to playing it more (and maybe one day actually winning a game)."

http://opinionatedgamers.com/2013/03/20/rattus-cartus/ "It is easy to learn, teach and play, yet has lots of decisions to maintain the interest of both gamers and families."



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