age 10+ players 2-4 playtime 45
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Box content

Rattus: Expansion 1 -  Pied Piper

• 2 wooden bishop pieces
• 3 wooden nun pieces
• 3 wooden wall pieces
• 12 class cards
• 10 potion tokens
• 1 rulesbook





Europe, 1348. The Black Death ravages Europe. Until now the players have used the help of a handful of different medieval classes to fight the plague. Now it’s time to call for reinforcements. 12 new personalities are ready to provide their help to the players. Some of these, like the Queen and the Emperor, use their wealth and power to aid the players. Some, like the Nun and the  Bishop, use wisdom and faith to avoid the plague, while others resort to magic and witchcraft, like Pied Piper, who uses his magical fl ute to lure the rats along with him.

• expansion to the successful “Rattus”;
• twelve class cards that can be combined with each other and with the cards from the basic game: the
possibilities are limitless;
• new persons introduce new game material with new game elements (new tactics possible);
• inclusive of three scenarios: selection of six classes that steer the game in a specific direction.



Rattus: Expansion 1 -  Pied Piper Rattus: Expansion 1 -  Pied Piper

Others about Rattus: Expansion 1 - Pied Piper

"Overall, I think these new character cards will add just the right amount of variety to the game without overloading it with dozens of extra rules. I’m really looking forward to many plays of the expansion and highly recommend it for people who enjoy the base game but who are starting to recognise the patterns of characters being chosen." - Bruce Murphy, Boardgamenews

"Ik vind Rattus [...] een flitsend en leuk pestspelletje, dat als het ware vraagt om extra karakters. Door de korte speelduur is het geen enkel probleem om naar hartenlust allerlei combinaties van karakters te proberen. Dit zal ongetwijfeld veel speelplezier opleveren, want er zitten genoeg leuke nieuwe karakters in de uitbreiding." - Erwin Broens, Preview Rattus Pied Piper, Bordspel.com



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