age 10+ players 2-4 playtime 45
Dutch French English German


Box content

Rattus: Expansion 3 - Mercatus
  • 12 Class cards
  • 28 Goods tokens (7 of each of 4 different types) 
  • Game money 
  • Game rules


Europe 1349. The Black Death ravaged for a few years now. The people of Europe nonetheless try to live their lives as normally as possible. The craftsmen produce their goods, the traders sell them for the best prices possible, while the swindlers, thieves and raiders grab whatever they can. In the end, however, it might be the grave robbers who will get the most profit, because it seems like the plague will not retire any time soon.

  • Includes 12 new class cards 
  • Collect goods with the new characters 
  • Use money to perform special actions


Rattus: Expansion 3 - Mercatus Rattus: Expansion 3 - Mercatus


Player aid: English
Gamerules: Italian


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