age 8+ players 2 playtime 30
Dutch English


Box content


1 game board (double sided)

70 hong tiles

15 hong counters

1 'Lair of the Seven Great Dragons' board

7 Great Dragon tiles




In a mystic land far away an empire is attacked by a fearless dragon master who is trying to conquer the empire by sending two headed dragons (Hongs) to defeat the emperor. As long as the dragons don't come in big numbers the emperor will be able to defend it, but the dragon master knows that a lot of small dragons can be the doom of the empire.

Can the emperor save his land or will the dragon master flood the empire with dragons?

"Lair of the Seven Great Dragons' expansion included.

Both players have different goals to win the game.

An easy to play tile laying game with few rules but a lot of strategy.

Free 'Lair of the Seven Great Dragons' expansion included in the box.



Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong

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" you’re guaranteed to have fun for hours and hours." for Dragonmasters and Emperors !


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