age 8+ players 3-5 playtime 20
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Box content


70 matryoshka cards – 10 sets of 7 cards

5 overview cards – showing the end game scoring

game rules



Some rare Matryoshkas composed of seven dolls each were spread during the years and ended up distributed randomly among some antiquecollectors. Complete sets of rare Matryoshkas like these ones are worth a lot of money in the antiquities market. Groups of Matryoshkas from different sets, but with the same size have a good value too.
These collectors arranged a meeting to exchange dolls and try to reassemble the rare Matryoshkas. Obviously each collector wants to leave this meeting with the most valuable collection. But who will succeed?



Matryoshka Matryoshka Matryoshka Matryoshka

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"Very lovely game! I enjoyed playing it very much, and would highly recommend it to fans of filler games, set collecting games, and Matryoshka dolls." http://theindiegamereport.com/matryoshka-review/



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