age 10+ players 2 - 4 playtime 20
Dutch French English German


Box content

Perfect Hotel

57 floor cards

5 tourist cards

6 floor tags

3 bonus tiles

60 victory point tokens




Every hotel owner wants to build the perfect hotel in which to receive their guests. This starts with thorough research into the desires of the guests. However, the openming date is already set. So, at a certain date the research must be finished and the actual construction of the hotel must start.

The highest hotel and the hotel with the largest penthouse will be awarded extra prestige but a cheap hotel with a few useful facilities will cost you your reputation.

Investigate the possibilities, plan carefully and build the perfect hotel!

New edition of Japon Brand's 2017 release.

Upgraded components: better quality cards and bigger size, card board floor tags and bonus tiles, unique shaped victory point tokens, larger box with new cover, rewritten rules

Includes a variant for more tactical set collecting and scoring



Perfect Hotel Perfect Hotel

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