age 10+ players 2-4 playtime 45
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Rattus: Bonus 1 - Dracula, Merlijn, Robin Hood and Jeanne d'Arc

4 class cards.



A mini-expansion for Rattus. Contains:
- Joan of Arc: she disguised herself as a man in order to be able to join in the 100-years war. In this game she is therefore able to act as other personalities.
- Count Dracula: Being one of history's most blood-thirsty rulers, Count Dracula gets extra points for killing other players.
- Robin Hood: he steals from the rich (the player with majority) and gives to the poor (himself...).
- Merlin: as a top-ranked magician the legendary Merlin is able to use his skills to manipulate the plague.

You need a copy of Rattus to be able to play with this expansion.