age 12+ players 2-2 playtime 45


Box content

Revolver (English only)

• 1 Colonel McReady deck with 62 cards
• 1 Colty gang deck with 62 cards
• 16 Bandit character cards
• 5 Battlefield cards
• 1 Derail the Train card
• 1 Mexican Border card
• 14 Mexican Border tokens
• 6 True Grit (extra life) tokens
• 6 Power tokens
• 1 Turn marker





Revolver expansion 1.1: Ambush on Gunshot Trail (English) Revolver expansion 1.2: Hunt The Man Down (English only) Revolver expansion 1.3: Vengeance on the Frontier (English only) Revolver expansion 1.4: The Tarnished Star (English only) Revolver expansion 1.5: Death Rides a Horse (English only) Revolver: By the Gun they Died promocards (English only) incl. Elias Hooker & Brady Logan


The year is 1892. The bank at Repentance Springs has been robbed. Many good citizens, including Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and school-marm Sue Daggett, were brutally slain as the gang shot its way, whooping and hollering, out of town. Colonel Ned McReady and his men are tasked with bringing Jack Colty - a man so mean he’d steal a fly from a blind spider, or a coin off a dead man’s eyes - and his gang to justice.

• perfectly thematically balanced card game set in the Wild West
• each player has their own unique deck of cards with unique possibilities
• several winning conditions for each player: requires different tactics and different methods of play
• short texts and clear symbols on the cards make the game easy and clear to play
• cards feature beautiful illustrations and have titles that could have been lifted directly from a western
movie, such as : “Let’s shoot our way outta here“ and “Chew on this, gringo!”
• a lot of direct player interaction and high replayability



Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only) Revolver (English only)

Others about Revolver (English only)

Revolver is certainly a challenging and really fun game, especially if you are a fan of westerns, and a nice change from the usual fantasy/sci-fi card games out there. It is great to have fixed decks and a complete game as well and the great backstory really brings the game to life beyond the mechanics which are pretty solid and easy to follow. The whole package looks excellent and again adds to the atmosphere. The rules are clear, the mechanics and structure effective and the journey consistently strong. The variety is enough to keep your attention and the turns of fate both frustrating and exciting in equal measure. The decisions about how and when to deploy your resources and firepower will keep you in the thick of things, trying to outsmart the other player. And, it plays pretty fast too. […] Revolver is fun, easy to play, (although there is a bit of initial reading including backstory to get through) interactive, action packed, dripping with theme and a jolly good romp through a spaghetti western. It is limited to 2 players and not everyone may be interested in the theme but it is a well designed, strong addition to the 2-player card game category.” – Mark Rivera, Boardgames In Blighty.


"Ik vind Revolver een absolute knaller in het tweepersoonssegment, met een mooie uitvoering, heldere regels, een vlot spelverloop en inhoudelijke kwaliteit. [...] Ik was aanvankelijk even bang dat met een betere kennis van de decks mijn belangstelling zou inzakken, maar de herspeelbaarheid is geen probleem. Revolver blijft ook na meerdere potjes interessant. Ik ben uiteraard wel benieuwd naar de aangekondigde uitbreidingen en het zusterspel Revolver 2. [...] Ik heb de indruk dat de asymmetrische decks voldoende in balans zijn, zowel in kracht als in speelplezier." -  Erwin Broens, www.bordspeler.nl


Official 'Furnace Creek' Variant: a 2nd alternative to 'standard' deck construction, for those who still wish to enjoy the expansion packs. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1190847/official-furnace-creek-variant-a-2nd-alternative



Player aid: English
Gamerules: English


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