1 June 2022

Pre order the new Claim Reinforcements!

Claim expands even further with the new Claim Reinforcements: Sun, Claim Reinforcements: Sea and Claim Reinforcements: Sky. These expansions add new factions to Claim. To celebrate this, we offer Claim bundles with discount!

Claim Reinforcements bundle

For the real collector there is the Claim Reinforcements bundle. This bundle includes the new Reinforcements: Sun, Sea and Sky and two new bonusfactions: Tinkerers and Valkyries.

Claim Reinforcements bundle + Claim or Claim 2

Do you want to play the newest Reinforcements, but don’t you have the base game? No worries. These bundles include Claim Reinforcements: Sun, Sea and Sky, three bonusfactions, including Tinkeres and Valkyries and Claim or Claim 2.

Complete Claim bundels

Do you want the complete Claim collection? In that case you can choose between the Claim bundle complete and the Claim bundle complete+. Both bundles include Claim, Claim 2, six bonusfactions, a Claim Comic and all scenariocards. To control al this factions, the claim bundle complete+ also includes the Claim Storage Box!