New version of MEDINA

White Goblin Games is proud to present a new version of MEDINA.

This edition of Medina features "a double-sided game board, almost 200 wooden pieces, and updated gameplay, as well as rules and components never before published for this game.


Völuspa and Völuspa expansion available again

  The Völuspa basic game and the first expansion set 'Order of the Gods ' are available again. This quick tilelaying game is particularly popular because of the different characters and howe they influence gameplay. Völuspa is a simple game with rules for everyone to play. Once you get to start a game of Völuspa, you are caught by the tension of the game. You want more things to do in your turn then you are allowed to do. You can't wait until your  next turn! The variation with the first expansion are huge. So look for the different scenarios on the product page of Völuspa.



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2010 has been very good with the release of our new game "Rattus". This game is like no other game around. A game with everchanging powers in Europe during the Black Death period in 1347.

6 Character cards from 6 different classes are willing to help you but at what cost ?


Happy New Year 2014

The complete White Goblin Games team wants to wish you a fantastic new year 2014.

We have had a great 2013 with lots of new releases, award nominations and we won prizes with Qwixx and Terra Mystica. Thank you all for the great support and for all the wonderful responses we received from you. Our enormous growth in Europe has been hard to handle but we managed it. We are already working on lots of new projects for 2014. The first releases in this new year will be:

- The Palaces of Carrara (Dutch)

- Qwixx Card game (Dutch)

- Rococo (Dutch)

- Istanbul (Dutch)

- Revolver 2.1 (English)

- Revolver 1.6 (English)

- Revolver 2.1 (Dutch)

- Revolver 2.1 (Dutch)